How much can Bubble handle?

Hello, I was wondering, can Bubbles database handle around 1 million users or products?

and is there away to upload a Google sheet with already 100+ signed up users on the test plan? or do i have to upgrade?

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Generally, I’d say that, yes and no. Bubble can handle both of those, but also warn that Bubble is not perfected to handle traffic or database volumes of that size.

It’ll work, sure, but it’s hard to tell in advance if you’ll be happy with the performance or not (depending on what your app does and how you build it). Bubble is a fantastic platform, but it’s simply not optimized (yet) to handle databases of that size efficiently in a lot of scenarios.

In short, there’s nothing about the word “millions” that automatically excludes Bubble, but I would definitely do some more research and experimentation before investing heavily in a Bubble-based app in its current state.

If you can share some more information about what your app will do with all that data, it’s easier to give som advice of whether Bubble can handle it or not.


Thanks for the reply @petter! It’s based on colours, you can read more about the project on this post i made. let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Edit: The colours is not containing any “data” they are just “objects” with no value more than they are unique that there will only exist one RED for example.

And is it possible to generate like 100 colors in a sheet app and import them or do i have to sit and add them manually?

Hmm, ok, I think I understand what you want to do. Bubble should be able to handle a million records in that scenario, but it does require that you build it in the right way. I see (from your own comment) that you are a beginner in Bubble so there are some pitfalls you should be aware of. I’m not completely sure if you mean the number of searchable records will reach a million, or the number of users, but I’ll try to answer.

How you set up the search can have a huge effect on performance here. For example, you can easily set up Bubble to download the entire list of records, and then force the user’s browser to filter a list of more than one million. That will be slow (best case) or crash the browser (worst case). You’ll need to make sure to let the server do the heavy lifting in this case. If you keep the data type small (few fields with short strings of data), then a server-side search will be pretty quick.

This advice is very general, I know, but it’s just a fact that Bubble performance is a tightrope walk: a single decision can keep you walking forward or throw you off, when we’re talking big volumes of data.

I guess I’m more optimistic than in my first post, but some experimentation still makes sense :sweat_smile:

Edit: for the import, yes, you’ll be able to import a hundred records with no problem.


Okey! Thank you so much for taking your time! Means a lot :slight_smile:

For importing I assume I need to pay/upgrade my plan?

No worries, hope it helped!

For the import, I’m actually not sure. You have two options for imports: one is to do it directly in the Bubble database. The other is to build your own import. Not sure what exactly is possible on each plan, but just from my intuition I think you should be able to do at least one of them on any plan :slight_smile:

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Okey awesome! thank you so much @petter :slight_smile: :+1:

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Have a look at Parabola for importing into Bubble. They play very well together.

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