How much 'maintenance' requires a bubble site?(not a programmer)

Hi guys,

Iam considering to have a community website developed on Bubble,as a complete NON-technical person I would like to ask how much maintenance is required with Bubble? Comparing to Wordpress or any any coding language regarding updates,etc,etc.

Thanks for your responses and apologies if my question is extremely ‘stupid’ :wink:


What exactly do you mean by maintenance? If your site is built properly from day 1 of launch and you do a lot of testing before hand, you won’t really have to worry about much else.

Not a stupid question haha,

One of the major benefits of using a Bubble (or Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, etc) over WordPress or another open source software is that they handle the majority of the maintenance.

So similar to what Daniel said, if you build it well there is little maintenance. Just test it regularly to make sure any Plugins still work, and if you reach capacity limits you may need to upgrade your plan to accommodate the increased usage.

Overall depends on your exact system and goals though, as some people may also want to backup their data regularly, but early on most people won’t need to worry about that.