How much storage does the database hold?

The website i’ve been given permission to scrape has over 400,000 records/lines (and always growing). Whats the best way to transport that data into my bubble created web app, with it always being updated live? The growing 400,000 lines total about 8 gb in storage. What are my options? Thanks


Can you be more specific as to what information needs to be stored? (text, images, etc.)

What is your method of web scraping - are you using a service like

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I was not going to use until you mentioned it! They seem to offer a great service. The data will contain about 3 numerical fields and 3 text fields. Also, the url for the photos will be in the data, the image itself will not actually be stored.

Thanks supernaturally for your response!

No problem. Yeah, is a great service for a lot of things. You should be able to store all of that info inside of Bubble without a problem.

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Unfortunately very pricey, with the lowest rate at $300 a month and only 5,000 queries! Would act as a scraper and transport the data into bubble and I only need to pay for one month? Or would I have to have an active subscription with to trigger these queries as bubble doesn’t do them?

Check out UiPath. You can use the API to call bubble

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