How on earth do I get this recurring event to work


I need some help setting up a recurring event. I’ll try to explain what I’m trying to accomplish as best as I can:

I’m building an expense tracker app where user’s can fill in their expenses. They also fill in a monthly budget. At the end of the month they either have spent more than their budget, or less. I want to have this remaining amount (or deficit) automatically added or subtracted to the budget of the NEXT month.

The user is able to go back and forth between months so I reckoned I needed a database table where remaining amounts or deficit amounts are being stored for each month. So I created one and called it ‘Remaining/Deficit previous month’:

By the way, the Endday month and Startday month are not necessarily the first and endday of the Calendar month. The startday could -for example- be 21 January and the enddate 20 February. This is defined by the user his/herself.

Next step was setting up a backend workflow, type New recurring event.

The aim here was to define the Startday month, Endday month, Amount (in this case Only when there is a remaining amount: expenses < budget) and the type (Remaining or Deficit), all to be loaded into the database table ‘Remaining/Deficit previous month’ when a trigger is executed.

For this trigger on the page I’ve created a Custom event, type ‘Set/cancel a recurring event’ where I’m referring to the backend workflow event.

The aim here is to trigger this workflow just before the new month starts. Defined as Only when the current date/time minus one minute is equal to the last minute before the next financial month starts.

Now here I’ve run into a problem. The Workflow thing field should be ‘Remaining/deficit previous month’, but it’s not available in the dropdown:

Schermafbeelding 2023-02-20 om 10.24.07

What am I missing here? Why is the database table ‘Remaining/deficit previous month’ not available here?

Then a more general question; is this the correct way to set this up? I’ve only worked with bubble for a couple of weeks so it’s very well possible I am doing this completely wrong.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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