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How parameters load? (Pattern)

This is 20 000 post (of “Need help”) by Bubblers, great work, great community!

How parameters are loaded, simply from left to right or?

E.g. if you have few parameters in the URL, example; user, video and another one… (u=, v=, ab=)

Well, holy shit… yeah seems there in fact are 20,000 posts in Need Help. Welp, at least that many.

Your question is – quite frankly – stupid and unworthy of being the 20,000th.

To wit:

Querystring parameters don’t have any particular “loading order”. They are not “loaded” in any sense that you are implying. They’re just strings that one interprets when one chooses to. There’s no magic in querystring params.

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Your first comment @keith on the 20 000 post (of Need help) could contain little bit of more respect for the stupid ones, misfits and those who are not afraid to question… :smiley:

Joking, although let’s say you got a link, and there are three parameters, one for a member profile (?u=), then for your video that you have on the profile (?v=), and then last but not least a parameter of your channel (?c=), how Bubble will fetch the information from the URL (Get data from URL)?

Here is one example at Youtube, for those who are stupid, (this example is with 2 parameters). :wink:

Why YT made video parameter to be the first parameter, and then channel as the second - in the URL?

Have though as the video is on the top, and to load the first, and then for the channel and perhaps all the comments to load beneath, as page visitor will first see the top of the page, so that loading goes “naturally” as possible.

Again: the existence of querystring parameters means nothing.

I can load:

And you can, too. Did poop load? NO, it’s just a querystring parameter. In what order did poop load? It didn’t. It’s just a string in a URL.

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Okay, i see this part; the URL is totally neutral here, but then i guess we speak about the application itself, based on Bubble, and what workflows are there that are fetching data from the url, e.g. a workflow; When a page loads, or conditions on the page itself, that leads us to the Tread’s answer?

  • Parameters and the url is neutral, one level, and then it depends on the workflows (order), same with the conditions of the elements on the page’ (order) - that will fetch the URL information.

Is that right?

Ps. something is not right with @keith, so to speak, profile photo displays the heart, there is also feeling of the freelance, it seems quite knowledgeable person, experiential that has own limitations as well, and then on the other side communication - that supposed to connect people, new clients, things, etc.

Although words in this tread, such as stupid, misfits and poop are obviously a joke here, just to make a greater point, please don’t ban us here :smiley: We can only learn from all of this :smiley:

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