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How powerful is

Is a true visual programming language that will allow me to build anything that coding languages can build? I need a true visual programming language software with no limits, so I can build anything coders can build such as my own ad system that will let users run ad campaigns while targeting a specific audience in the depth of Facebook, YT & Google ad campaigns.

For creating something like FB ads, google ads, YT ads , first you need to create the FB, Google, Youtube- All this is possible in Bubble. Search on Google, you will get some examples too. Now comes to the Ads system, which is also possible.

Can you lead me in the right direction on how to build an in depth ad system within my app without a 3rd party? I’m trying to figure out if bubble is a true visual programming language that will let me build anything coding languages can build, or if bubble has limits. 1 limit I found is I can only build web apps, but not mobile apps like in appgyver.

You can build a mobile app. For APK and extra mobile hardware functionality, you can use the, some other plugins.

Ask specific use case related questions, the community will help you to implement that.

Bubble says it’s only for web apps.

Not true check out 🥳 Meet Air Native from Zeroqode — the fastest way to convert your Bubble app into Native iOS & Android