How should I do this?

Hi, I’m a complete beginner and trying to start a simple project which consists of a ranking list of different platform for crypto yield farming.

Users can see the best yield from any platform in real time and be redirected to directly stake on any of them.

There should be no input or accounts from the users needed, just a plain list of platform API-linked for each of them to retrieve their respective yield performance. User should only be able to filter up or down the yield percentage.

How would you do it? Do you guys have any clue? or any video tutorial that might be what I’m looking for?

Set up your API in the API Connector plugin. Then drop a repeating group on the page to display your data fed via the API. If the api returns a url, you can start a workflow that when the cell is clicked, navigate to etc.

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Thank you for your help! But what if each different platform has an API? Do you know if I can display from multiple APIs source in a repeating group?

I don’t think so. I could be wrong.

I usually just have a drop-down that users can choose from and that is what dictated which repeating group I’m showing.

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Amazing, that’s pretty much where I was blocked. Just have to hide/show. Thank you so much!

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