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How should I proceed with my login system?

Well, I have an app where in people can log-in through Facebook/Gmail. And it’s working fine. But now I want that whenever the user login for the first time in my app he/she should be asked to create a username (which will be a unique handle for the person) and later on whenever the existing user logs-in he/she should not be asked for creating a username and instead should be redirected to his/her profile.

Please Help


Option 1: After the user signs up and is logged in by Bubble > navigate to another page that has a field for the handle > in the workflow to save the handle make changes to current user. This will be the only time the user visits this page.

Option 2: In the profile page have a popup that shows if user handle value is empty. Set the popup to can’t be closed pressing escape.

Here is a basic example


Raymond I have created an app. You can visit the app here
(right now only fb login is working)

Can you please provide me the step by step instruction to proceed further. This is my college project and it would be of great help if you could help me out.

Here is my app in bubble editor

Please have a look at help me out with the issue.

Here whenever a user log-in through fb for the first time he/she is redirected to this page where a popup is displayed where in you have to create a username for the user for the first time and from then onwards whenever the user log in again then he/she should not be shown this popup and be taken to their profile page.

  1. Add handle to user in data base (In your app)

In the example I gave you

  1. Have a look at the condition for the save button & the workflow
  2. Have a look at the on page load condition.

You can place your popup in the user profile page then you don’t have to first go to the add username page

Over here what is current user’s handle ? I mean is it a list in database or what

And what is Input users name’s value ?

Have you had a look at the examples database to see what it is?
Have a look in here and see what value is

in the example there are a lot of datatypes. Which one should I look at ?

Which one are you working with? Where do you want to make changes?

I have no idea. I have not created any database for my app

You are working with the user. Have a look at the user

Great! It’s working. But as I have told you that I want ensure a unique handle so how should I go about it?