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How to access contents of a State via Backend Workflow

Hi there,

I’m successfully taking a multi-line input’s contents and saving each one into a Thing, one line (row) at a time by using a back end Workflow (thanks @davemohla). My challenge is that I also have a unique identifier (masterModelID) that I created which was placed into a State so it can be referenced later.

I need to include that State’s text information (masterModelID) into my Workflow to populate a particular field, and because it is in a State I cannot get access to using my back end Workflow. Any ideas on how do that? I’ve attached some pics to show what I have created…

Backend flows are server side.

They do not have any information on what page you are on.


Thanks, any creative ideas on how to capture this piece of information so I can include when creating these individual rows in my Thing? Isn’t there anywhere I can put it or label it in some way that can be seen?

I mean, I’m already able to access the Multi-Line input field. Could I create another non-visible input that can see it somehow?

Create the needed parameter in the backend flow and send it from the scheduling action

Thanks for that. As far as Bubble backend APIs go, my experience is limited and I still can’t quite wrap my head around them.

What you are saying is possible, is that I can generate a random unique ID in the back end, and then send that out to a State waiting for it on the front end?

Is there a way to get a quick demo of how that would look? Once I could see it I could better understand it.


No that is not what I am saying. Please review:

  • Use your state unique identifier and pass it to the backend flow
  • To do this you need to create a parameter to receive it
  • If it is a text identifier then make the parameter a text parameter. It it is a thing make it a thing
  • Then when you call the schedule an api workflow action that parameter will show up there so that you can populate it and send it to the backend workflow to process
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Thanks @cmarchan, I was making it harder than it needed to be. Followed your last bit here and got it to work on the first try.

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What is the state unique identifier?


Please note that this is a mention of sorts in the context of this post. The is no state unique identifier as such in Bubble.

I still don’t understand. Please can you do an example of the solution your proposed? I’m new to API workflows so I’m still trying to understand them.