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How to achieve This - When new Thing is updated or created , update another database field


in this case, i Have two Data Types Job seeker And Company job posts
i want to count how many job seekers applied each job in the company job post .

in the Job seekers database, I have the Job id field which stores unique id of each of company job post when job seekers apply a job
i have another Field in the Company job post which Number of jobs seekers
Now … What i want is every time job seekers has applied a job I want to add 1 to the Number of jobs seekers field in the company job post database
How i can i achieve this

You should be able to just ‘do a search for job seeker’ with the constraint ‘job ID field contains this company’s job’ then use the operator :count to return the number :slight_smile:

Link the fields so the post being applied on has a field called company.

When apply is clicked make changes to a thing: parent job post company

App count = parent group job post company App count + 1

Or do it on the post level so it’s just
Make changes to a thing : Parent group job post

App count = parent group job post app count + 1

Make sure it’s a number field

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thanks @chris.williamson1996

thanks @equibodyapp