How to activate the Application Texts and Messages in Settings?


How do these texts and messages get displayed?

Hey @WilliaC :slight_smile: These texts are usually automatically displayed. For example, if a User enters the wrong password, the workflow will not complete to log the User in, and this message will display to them in a popup:

Ok. How would I alert the user of specific elements that need to be completed before going forward. (i.e. on the Staff Profile popup - I put a red border around the Input elements but I have several (Must be checked) check boxes along with the Service Area & Shift Availability popups that need to be completed & I’m not sure how to mark.


A few different ways to do this, but I would recommend @sridharan.s’s solution here:

Looks good. I’ll attempt this tomorrow (with your help of coarse).

Tonight my brain has done all it can do.

Have a good night.

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