How to ACTUALLY remove a plugin

Headers are still loading a plugin I’m unsubscribed from’s data. How do I make sure that the plugin and ALL it’s code is removed. It’s causing a conflict by double loading a library.

I mean, when I uninstall the plugin I understand it’s frictionless, so you probably thought it best to keep some of the data to deal with accidents/dependencies workflows and such @bubble, but I’m looking for the actual “delete and uninstall this plugin and all workflows and all header data”. Where is that.

Try seeing if there are still elements or actions from the plugin with the Search tool, then try a hard refresh which is CTRL+F5 usually.

Thanks for your suggestiong @vini_brito, no dice… I’ve manually removed all the workflows and there are no page elements.

You can recreate the “bug” by installing the bubble stripe plugin, putting something in the keys, uninstalling the plugin, and readding it. The keys are still there, which I assume means they remain on the app. Next step is trying the “optimize” button, but I’ve had trouble with it before and I don’t really want to have to go through the whole app.

I know when I make an app with paid plugins on my agency account and then transfer it or change the plan, I have to “unsub” from them in the settings before they are fully uninstalled. Maybe this needs to be submitted as a bug report, but I can’t believe there’s no way to actually remove that data. I just don’t know what it is.

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