How to add a footer on bottom of screen?

Hello everyone!

Is it possible to place a footer on selected pages which is on the bottom end of the screen? (Not at the end of the page!)

I want to have a progress bar on the bottom of the page like here:

Does someone know how I can add this in bubble?

Yes, it is possible to place a footer on selected pages/screens. For example, you can use the shapes element to create a footer on each page.

The other way to do this (which is a little bit more complicated) is to create a reusable element, in this case, a reusable footer. Then add your element to the footer, for example, you want a progress bar, however, you might not want this on every page/screen. So you would double click the element and use the workflow bar to show/hide on certain pages or when the user does something on the page.

As for the progress bar, I’m not sure as I have not used one. Hopefully, another user can help you out with that.

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Here I found a good solution, if someone else needs this as well:

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