How To Add A JSON Key To Bubble JSON Text Objects?

I am trying to integrate GTranslate for multi lingual translations.

The issue is Bubble’s JSON texts are not human readable and appear to be random. GTranslate needs a constant value or a human readable value so we can tell GTranslate which texts need to be translated.

Alternatively, we can add a new key to the JSON texts that tell GTranslate which keys need to be translated:

You should ask your developers to manually add gt_translate_keys JSON key to JSON objects**.**

You can get more information about JSON translation here::

Is there any way that we can achieve this???

Desperately trying to integrate a multi-lingual translation service that doesn’t act in the browser. GTranslate actually translates the code and hosts your web page at or in unique code/text to avoid duplicate content issues with Google SEO.

You can build a custom json in bubble by running the :format as text option on a list of things in the dynamic data builder.
Here’s an example you can copy/paste into your app: Demo: Build Custom JSON in Bubble - Asset for Bubble Development | Atomic Fusion

An example would be something like:
do a search for Users:format as text
wherein the format as text properties are as follows:

And the results are like this:

You can customize how this JSON works internally and also build additional arrays within arrays with the same method applied within the ‘format as text’ properties.

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