How to add a pre-set data field to a data set

I have an app where people can create different categories (areas of life) and I want an option that is preset before anyone creates an account that will be “All”. Or have a text box that is not dynamic and which will scroll within a repeating group.

I have a repeating group that is displaying content vertically and within that is a repeating group that is displaying content horizontally.

The display looks very similar to the way Netflix and other streaming platforms display their movie selections.

Both the “areas of life” and the images within them are dynamic content created by the user.

I’m wondering how to add an “all areas” option to the left of the first one (which in the example would be to the left of “health” in the repeating group right under “Areas of life”).

Then when that option is selected, have it display all the content the way it is now (in the image below). This will be the default when this page is loaded.

When I select one of the other “areas of life” I have that action set the state of the page which shows a separate repeating group with the content within the area that the state is set to. I did it like this because the way the content is displayed for one area looks different than viewing the All option.

I tried manually adding “All” to the data but that didn’t work… Any idea how to do this?