How to add a tracker in my app?

Hello guys, so I am working on a project that tracks buses and I cannot seem to make it work no matter how much I watch the tutorials. To put you in context,

, this is the homepage. For example, a parent should be able to track the bus which his son/daughter is in.

Hey mate, you’ll need to provide a little more info for people to go on. For example, what have you already completed and what parts, specifically, are you stuck on?

Hey, sorry for my incompetence. I have created a place for the students/parents to log in but how do I link a tracker from the parent to the student?

Have you set up your database structure in the data tab? There a few different ways you could do it. For example, you could create separate data types for parent, child and then link the two, but best practice would be to store them both in the User data table and specify their role and relationships. To do this you’d need to include in the data table:

  • a field called ‘role’ (type = text) where you can record the User as either a parent or child.

  • a field called ‘parent_user’ (type = user:List) so you can add one or more Parents to a child’s user record

  • a field called ‘child_user’ (type = user:List) so you can add a list of children to the parent’s user record.

Now this links your different types of users. And you can then create relevant privacy roles in the privacy tab to allow a user to view all information in their list of child_users (which is presumably where you would be adding or linking whatever bus tracking information you are referring to.

Hope this helps move you forward. When I was starting out I found the Youtube videos from Gaby’s Coaching Bubble / Coaching No-Code Apps to be the most useful, and then went on to pay for various short courses. I’d recommend the same for anyone seeking to have a serious go. Bubble is powerful, but you still need to make an investment to learn the platform.

Good luck.


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