How to add an ID to the intermediate div in repeating group?


Bubble creates intermediate div between a repeating group’s and a cell element.
I can add an ID to repeating group and to cell, but this intermediate div is not accessible.

What I want to achieve is the layout that will stretch the way in example.

Didn’t find a way to do this natively, but this can be easy implemented with some css and flexbox.
And still I need to add a parameters to child div of the RG which is not accessible.

Does anybody know how can I get an access to it? Or maybe another way to implement this

You can add the id with javascript by accessing the repeating groups id like this:
document.getElementById("repeatingGroupId").firstChild.setAttribute('id', 'unreachableDiv')

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Your answer was a good starting point for me.
Eventually I came to the solution with a for loop to add a class to all child elements inside the repeating group:

const repeatingGroup = document.getElementById(“rg”);
if (repeatingGroup.hasChildNodes()) {
let children = repeatingGroup.childNodes;
for (let i = 0; i < children.length; i++) {
children[i].setAttribute(‘class’, ‘rg-item’);

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