How to add an option to products

Good Evening all,
I am hoping someone can assist on this. I have a restaurant app i am building.
We offer products, Burgers etc… So when this is ordered i want to be able to offer Fries discounted, if bought with a burger…

for example, the burger product on the checkout when adding the burger. If the customer adds the Fries, then its discounted by £1.00

Can anyone assist on this?

Thank you!

If you calculate the total price in the shopping cart using your workflows, you can reduce the price of the shopping cart by £1.00 if burger_id and fries_id are in the shopping cart using “only when”

Assuming there’s consistency in such discounts, I’d build it into the product as follows:
Discounted when Combined with Products (List of Products)
Discount Amount

So for the Fries product, the burger product would be in the list of Discounted when Combined with Products and the Discount Amount would be 1.00 (unless you’d want a percentage)

Hi, I was thinking more of an additional checkbox at the checkout stage. If the user has the burger option in the cart then they can have the option to tick it and add the burger which will look something like this;

Fries +£2.00

Can you please let me know if this is possible

thank you