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How to add and create unlimited items in a repeating group

Hello there,

What I want to achieve is the functionality of this page (fees section):

I want to add unlimited fees (items) to a proposal.

I think this has been made as following:
1 - When a button is clicked (lets call it “New Proposal”), a new proposal is created and then it navigates to the page with “data to send” = result of previous step (proposal created)
2 - Then there is a repeating group (where fees are contained). I guess that when the button “+ item” is clicked a new fee is created, with a data field proposal, linked to current page proposal.

I want to avoid the creation both of the proposal data and the fees data until the button “Create proposal” is clicked.

How can I achieve this?

Otherwise, if I do it as mentioned on steps 1 and 2, how can I delete a thing when the user leaves the page? (i.e if the user goes to