How to add dynamic links to the slidable menu


I have installed the Slidable Menu plugin which is documented at Introduction - Bubble Docs

I would like to add links to it dynamically e.g. For logged in users, the menu would have Logout and other links related to their account, while non logged in users would have some other, and there would be some common links etc.

I have added different links in an option set called “menu items”, where one of the attributes tells whether it would show to logged in user or not etc. Then in the “Options” in the plugin, I am putting elements by “Get Options” and putting filter on them.

However, what is happening is I am getting all the menu items separated by comma, while the plugin expects them to be in new line. Because of this, all the items are shown in one line instead of separate menu items. Like this:
Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 3.12.34 PM

How to fix this?

Maybe other way of asking this question would be is there a way to use “Get Options” and specify a delimitter other than default comma.


Happy to share that I found the solution.

I had to use “join with”. Funnily, the option “join with” comes only when you apply “convert to list” an existing list and the add “its display” to it.

To make items come in separate lines you need to join with “line_break” (without quotes).

Here it is:
Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 6.30.33 PM

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