How to add more then one data type in a repeating group

I have 3 Data types invoice, contract and proposal. I’m trying to enter them all in one repeating group. How can I go about doing that?

You can create a satellite data table with relational fields to these others data table.

To save some WU I think is a good ideia create some fields in this satellite table to show in RG.


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I don’t see the option for satellite data table

add a seperate group in the RG that is of the other data type (e.g., assuming a RG of invoices, then a group of contract or proposal) and then define the relationship between the RG thing and this seperate group (e.g., current cell’s Invoice’s linked contract). Then within the group add any text /input for the separate group thing.

Keep a relational field in all the tables.
invoices tabe should have a field for contract (type contract) and proposal (type proposal)
Then just do a search for current cells invoice’s contract’(anyflied)
same goes for proposal

Going by your use case, if you are trying to load 3 different data types as the data source of a single RG, then it means there are a lot of common fields between these 3 data types that you want to use to display information on the RG. These means the 3 data types - invoice, contract, proposal serve nearly same function …in that case you can have a single data type with all the common fields plus whatever is unique to each of these data types. Then have an option Set - Type OS which will have 3 entries - Invoice, Contract, Proposal. Then have this option set as a field on the single data type you create. I am suggesting this only because you want to load 3 different data types into a single RG. My solution may or may not apply depending on the specifics of your use case.