How to add multiple rows from same repeating group item

I have a data type Orders and another data type Order Details. Order Details data type contains rows of ‘Products’ that were ordered (product ID, ordered qty, received qty)

I have a Recurring Group that lists all products which were ordered and presents a popup form to receive items into inventory when shipment is received. That form has three fields, Receipt Date, Tracking/Shipping No, Qty Received.

When the user presses ‘Record Receipt’ button a workflow triggers that updates the Order Details table column ‘Received Qty’. I want to add ‘x’ new entries in ‘Inventory’ table for the ‘Product’ that was received but can’t quite figure out how to achieve it.

(Order Process)
Order Details:
Product 1, qty ordered 10
Product 2, qty orderd 10

(Receipt Process)
Product:1, qty received 5

(Update Order Details) => accomplished
shows remaining balance of 5 for Product 1

Need help with this

Insert 5 new records in ‘Inventory’ table
InventoryID=blank (will be assigned later)
ProductNo=(ProductNo from order details list)
OrderNo=(OrderNo from order details list)
ReceivedDate=(ReceiptDate from popup form)
InventoryStatus=“Pending Check-In” (it is an option type)

Any guidance would be much appreciated. If this has already been answered my apologies and please share the link with me.

Thank you

Hello @JJ-USA ,

I have gone through your problem. You can do it through my method.

Create a custom state with lists enabled.

When the user presses record receipt add the product and QTY order to the custom list and show the data of the custom list in the inventory.

For reference you can go through this thread:-

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