How to add multiple rows to a thing automatically

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to build an app where a user makes a subscription for a service, then the service task is performed everyday for the duration of the subscription (typically 1 week or 1 month).

So, for example, I have a “Subscription” thing and a “Task” thing. Each subscription translates to either 7 tasks or 30 tasks. When the user pays for a subscription, then I need to automatically create the relevant number of tasks (rows) in the Task thing.

My current challenge is with converting each (i.e. weekly) subscription to daily tasks so that each task can be assigned, tracked and closed. I thought of using a schedule (cron) to run on a daily basis, check for active subscriptions, then create tasks for that day. However, I can’t find how to create a cron/schedule in bubble.

The other option was to immediately create 7 tasks (for a 1-week subscription) upon subscription confirmation, but I also don’t know how to add 7 rows to a table automatically. How can I make changes to a thing 7 times or 30 times automatically?

I would appreciate any suggestions/ideas on how to do this.

Many thanks

You’ll likely use the API Workflow functionality for this. There are a handful of threads that go into detail on how to do this. I’m on my phone at the moment, but if you search for loops and api workflows, you should find answers.

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