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How to add multiple service item


The third day I am in search of a solution to my problem. I broke my whole head and I turn to you for help.

I am learning to work in Bublé and for my own needs I am making a service for creating invoices for payment to clients.

I can’t make it possible to add multiple service items.

What I’ve already tried:

  1. When adding a new service, a record is created in the database (in the database with services). Here I understand how to then display the services added to the database, but I don’t understand how to link the selected services to a specific account (and how to untie them later without deleting them from the database so that positions remain in other accounts)

  2. Displayed a list of all services and, by assigning a status, created a separate list with the selected services and added them to the database fields (additional fields in the invoice record).
    From this video: Tutorial: How to Select Multiple Items From a List - YouTube

Here the difficulty arose with the fact that then the services need to be displayed (in order to form a page with the final results), but all data about the services begin to be separated by commas

  1. When creating a new invoice, I immediately created a record in the database marked “draft” so that it would be possible to add services to the record with the invoice. But here the problem remains from item 2

I assume the solution looks like this:

  1. When creating an invoice, I create a draft
  2. When adding a new service, I create an entry in the database with services (1 service = 1 position in the database)
  3. The unique ID of the service is recorded in the cell with the account (draft)
  4. A repeating group is displayed with a list of services that have been added to the account

If so, then I do not understand how to implement it.

My app: Createdoc | Bubble Editor

P.S. Sorry for the English, the text was translated by google translators

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