How to add new fields in data types

Hello everyone,

I am new in Bubble and I would greatly appreciate your help to solve my issues.

I’m reading a study case that shows how to build an app similar to Zagat. In this tutorial shows filed types that it does not show in my dashboard. In other word, I do not have “List of reviews” filed. Do I need to create them? If so, how?

This is the the link

When you create a new table, it creates a magic new data type to go with it.

Create the table of bananas

Then your other tables have the ability to have an attribute whose type is a banana or a list of bananas.

I believe under the hood that this then means that field is indexed on the database and contains the key field for bananas

@reza.lahij Welcome to the community!

Perhaps these could help get you going:

Hi Richard, do you mind if you explain it a bit more in details. I have hard to to deploy your solution, but I don’t know how to create the table.


It is not an exaggeration to say that these are the absolute basics of bubble. There are a series of tutorials to guide you through this all.

You must go through some of them because in my experience here on the forum, the people who get the most help show the most likelihood of helping themselves.

This is a great community but it doesn’t take “not having read any of the guides and asking anyway” very well.

Good luck!


Hi Richard,

Thanks for your post. I know how to create fields like you showed in your post. You are correct, these are the basics and easy to learn from the resources available. But my problem is slightly different here.

In the tutorial, it has “list of reviews” field type in the fields. But in my list I do not have it. Please see the picture below.

When did you set up your “Review” table? What did you put in it?

I need to set it up.

That’s why it’s not there yet as a type.