How to add new item to a list having multiple fields in each item


I have Data type “Store” with field “Shift Tuesday” have list of working hours. And working ours is option set having two fields “open” and “close”. Now on UI I have two different inputs one for open time and one for close time. I want to add this open and close time into Shift Tuesday. Can anyone help on this? Also I need update the added “shift’s open or close time”.
This is data type “Store”

This is options set “Working Hours”

Here is the UI. There are two fields open and close. Want to add both input’s value to list as item on click of “Add” button.

  1. Add custom state

  2. for State type is refer to your “Option Set” → “Working Hours” check “This state is a list”

  3. When click add do set state and plus the item.

  4. Last part, Make changes to the “Store Data” set list to the Shift Tuesday with state value.

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Thanks for quick reply, I appreciate that. But as you mentioned in step 3 input A’s value add into list… But i need to add two inputs value instead of only one input on Add button click.

Hi @dev.leboncomptoir , just need to repeat :plus item Input B’s value.
But this is not the best practice. I think.

If you want to create Open Hours systems.
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The Data scheme:

  • “Store” Data
    you have already listed on your Data Type. but without Shifts Sun - Sat

  • “Open hours” Data requirement fields

  1. Store (refer to store data)
  2. Day (number) 1 → 7 = Sun → Sat
  3. Open (date) → fill this with time value
  4. Close (date) → fill this with time value

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