How to add repeating groups inside of the repeating groups topic?

Hello, I am new here just started making my new app, however i have ran into some problems regarding repeating groups.

So i have created a repeating group which contains a project Name - project amount - project date. The project name is a link where it will lead you to a page where you will see more details regarding the project. The problem is in here i have successfully shown the project name, amount and date in the page, however when i tried putting another repeating group which the contains the project expense ( salary, employee name and date), it still shows in other projects.

How do i show it only in the project that i added it in?

Thank you very much!

for the 2nd repeating group, have “this element is visible on page load” turned off.

Screenshot 2021-05-02 121136

Then, set 2 conditions which show when that 2nd repeating group should be shown.


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Hello, thank you for the response, however i don’t quite get it.

This is the project list or the 1st repeating group and the name is clickable which will be linked to the other page which is the project details.

When i press the name of the “This is a sample” name, it redirects me to the project details page

i tried adding a new employee with the salary and the date and it works, however, when i checked the other projects from the first repeating group, it has the same value as the other projects

This is the editor view:

Hoping that you can help me with this one, thank you very much!

could be a few different things

How is the data being sorted in the Reapeating Group?
Is the Repeating Group showing a “Fixed” number of cells, or is it set to “Vertical Scrolling”

What’s your DB set up like? When you enter a new person, is it being linked to the project via your DB

I don’t mind hopping on a call if you want (I’m not a consultant or anything, not offering this to make money - I have my own app and project, but I just try to give back because so many people have helped me :slight_smile: )

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Hello @rocoloco welcome to the community!

My two cents as a direct session with @ChefThomas will be a million times more substantial. :grinning:

When one sets up the dB well, things get easier.

Consider connecting the expense to the project and take it from there (notice the last screenshot where you can find the 2nd rg and how you are able to choose the current cell project expenses because you set it up that way in the dB)


Thank you very much! However i don’t know what to create in the workflow.

Is this the correct format for the repeating group’s texts?


This is not a direct answer but it may be useful.

The following video walks thru a whole array of key app building concepts that should enable you to tackle most aspects that you will continue to encounter as you go along in your project :grinning:


Thank you very much! This is what i have been looking for i get it now! Thank you for the help!

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