How to add results of two separate search

I am building an RSVP application for which I have the RSVP table where each logged-in user can mention if they can attend and if they can attend, how many guests they will be bringing. I need to show on the main page, how many total numbers of guests are attending. If someone says they will attend and bring 2 guests, I need to show a count of 3.
In the search field, I am doing sum of each row from the RSVP table’s number of guest column, but to that sum, I need to add the count of the number of rows in rsvp table where attending = yes. Can you please help with adding these two results?

Hey @sshevade ,
I’m assuming you’re displaying the RSVP’s in a Text Field.
All you have to do is do your first search and add it to the second search.
Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 3.10.14 PM

In order to get your first search you’ll want to do: Search for RSVP: each item’s guests: sum

This will give you the Sum of all the guests columns in the RSVP. And inside the search you’ll do a filter to only show you RSVP’s who can attend.

Let me know if you have questions.

For some reason, in my expression the ‘+’ sign is white which Bubble assumes as text instead of an operation

so the result ends up being like below

What am I doing wrong?

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after sum click “more” , you will see all options of expression

That worked. That you.

Hello, I have the same problem…Can you explain me how obtain the “more” option ?