How to add scrolling index on a blog page in bubble?


I would like to create an index section in my blog post page that, when clicked, moves to that particular sub-section of the blog.

Something exactly like this done by Bubble themselves:

link to experience this:

Does anyone know how to go about it?

Bubble uses for their blog

ohh, but this blog post is in their main domain and not subdomain as such. How did they create posts while being in 2 different platforms under same domain?

But anyway, I’d like to have this functionality of scrolling to specific position on a page. That’s more important

Need database structure to store a value for different sections. Need page elements configured to hold the different sections. Need workflows to scroll to section based on section choice.

A decent amount of different things to setup and consider. Would take a decent amount of time, effort, planning and configuration to complete properly.

Use the workflow action- “Scroll to” when user click on the index item.

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