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How to add to a list of things

I’m trying to add a food from a RG (Already in DB as a food with all the details), to the orders table of my db, under the field, list of ordereditems.

I did, when add food is clicked > change thing > Current Page’s Orders > Ordereditems add current cell’s food

(I’m already assigning a random string order number when this page is being loaded)

When i click on add , it looks like the food is getting added, based on what i saw in the debugger, but it is not getting added to the database for some reason. What am i doing wrong?:

Could you share screenshots of the debugger with the Current Page Orders selected to view if you have the Order you want the item to be added to correctly selected? And the same for the Current cell’s Food?

And screenshots of the workflows?

Sure. Here’s the page settings:

here’s how the order is being created:

here’s how the workflow is set to add the food the current order:

here’s the debugger showing the order number being created:

Here’s the debugger adding the item which never gets added to DB for some reason:

You are not sharing the debugger with Current Page Order selected so we can see the value of the order.

Anyways, I think the Current Page Order is empty.

Just after you create the order, navigate to the order page (the same page you are in) and in the Data to send, add the order (Result of step 1…)

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That may be it? Will check it out.

Is this what you were asking for?:

Thanks much, looks like it worked. Will do a few more tests. Looks like, I will have to not create an order on page load in this case