How to add unique items from a repeating group to a list


I’m trying to allow the user to select the number of drops they want for each oil in the repeating group.

each cell in the repeating group contains the oil name and the number of drops.
I can get the data out of the repeating group using the orchestra plugin and bdk repeating group tools plugins, but I cant figure out save the selection i.e amberDrops6 to a list, as if the user first inputs 6 drops for amber, and then changes it to another number, amberDrops6 is still in the list.

Maybe the approach I’m trying is wrong, but the end result has to be a list of texts, in the format “oilNameDropsX” i.e amberDrops6.

I’m driven a bit demented here for what appears a simple thing but is so difficult so I would really appreciate any help thank you.