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How to add "Views"to current cell

Is there a way to set the application to run:

When current cell is viewed (or loaded), add 1 to Views?

Can’t seem to figure it out on my own… Thanks!

What’s the bigger picture?

You could have the info inside a group and have it hidden until the user clicks something, once they click it you can add 1 to Views through the workflow.

However, the user could click it multiple times so you may have to make sure each view is unique through another factor.

Hey @peng.o thanks for the response. Ehh, I’m trying to implement something similar to instagram or vines “View” feature. So when the post’s video is played, then add 1 to views.

Can’t figure out how to interact with the Ziggeo video player but I get what you’re saying about implimenting something simple that a user would trigger without knowing. Still havent been able to figure something fluid out.

Thanks for the suggestion!