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How to adding/removing a field via user initiation for marketplace listing

Hi! I’m creating a page where users can add or remove a field when they are filling a marketplace listing, etc. Not sure if this is possible in Bubble, but love to get some help here…

So ingredients would be a thing on its own right.

You would then set up a field on the listing, that has type ingredient and tick the box for multiple entries. This makes it a list.

You can then add and remove ingredients from this list on your page.

It is easiest to have this list as real data, so you are “making changes to a thing” as you do the add remove. That can mean you have half finished data … but you can always clean that up later. If you do think you need to only create this at the end … you can use a Custom State, same as above … type of Ingredient and make it a list.


Thanks for your respond! But, you kind of lost me. I just started using this, so may need more hand holding. So, let me be more specific and only talk about Ingredient area. let’s say that I want the user to add more than three ingredients. So would click on ADD MORE INGREDIENT, which would add a new field (ingredient + how much) automatically below Ingredient 3. More the user clicks on that “add more button” new field would keep appearing/adding to the bottom of the subsequent ingredient+how much field.

So you said that I need to group the whole ingredient area on it own? Then set up a field on list… not sure how to do that? Can you share me a screen grab on show me how to that?

The quickest way to get help is to either make you app public, or copy it and make it public.

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@nordogg did you ever figure out a solution for this?

Nope. I guess I understand how to add multiple entries… but not sure how you make new field appear via user interaction (Add more xyz)