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How to adjust screen size to fit keyboard on mobile?

I’d like to have the screen of my native app to adjust so that the entire screen fits in the viewport while the keyboard is visible. Similar to other messaging apps like iMessage, telegram etc.

I added a video of two examples. The first is my mobile and the second is iMessage (how i want it to look).

Since its a single page app, my message page is a group containing a repeating group. The RG has the messages. I have a floating group for the header (with the users name and back button) and a second floating group for the message input at the button.

So far this is the only way I’ve found that a repeating group can easily scroll while maintaining the position of the header and footer.

I tried making the group with the messages smaller when the input is focused but I don’t see a constraint option to move the position of the Floating group header. Even if this options works, I’m wondering how I can set the constraint size adjustment so that it is responsive to all phone sizes.

I’m open to a completely new design if thats what it takes.