How to aggregate data on line graph by month (Chart Element Plugin)

I am trying to aggregate the total value of invoices that my company has sent by month. How do I do this on the line graph (chart plugin).

Type: “Invoice”
Data source: Search for invoices within specified data range
Value expression: Current point’s Total Amount
Label expression: Current point’s Invoice Date

Right now it is displaying everything based on the invoice date. How do I get it to display everything by month. i.e., 7/14 invoice and 7/18 invoice would display together in “July.”

Thank you

No data aggregation the way you want

Use another reporting tool

hi @conor.barvello - you could try creating some database objects to handle this… although it might not get you every cut of the data that you are looking for… That is how I get around this.

My suggestion would be to create a ‘Thing’ called ‘Trading Day’ or something like that… within that Thing have fields for ‘Date’ (ignore the standard date field), and then any rollup fields that you need - so maybe Income. If you want a month level as well then perhaps you need to create a ‘Trading Month’ thing as well that keeps track of all the days.

Then build this Thing into your workflows so that every time an invoice is raised (or whatever the use case is) against a particular day you add the invoice amount to the total for that day. You can also link your Invoice things to your Trading Day things.

Please see this page - this is now possible: [New Feature] Grouping and Aggregating Data