How to align item # w/ day #

Hey all!

Currently trying to display each day’s listings by the following logic:
item# current date/time extract day

However, the two systems are out of sync as item # ranges from 1-7 yet extract day goes from 0-6

I previously tried item# current date/time (days +1) extract day however today I learned that this just wraps the day back around from 6 to 0 :sweat:

Has anybody encountered this before & if so how did you solve it?


Just Bumping This Up :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate the help as this has gone on for nearly 2 weeks now

Wouldn’t you want to make it (days-1) so that your item #1 day then becomes 0 and therefore resyncs with the other system?

Hey Phillip, thanks for your response.

The issue currently is the system looks for item#0 on Sundays (which doesn’t exist)

Are you suggesting it’s possible to change item #1 to item #0 in the backend?

Hmm yeah I think I see why you’re having difficulty then.

I think you might have to change the way you are storing/requesting the data as clearly you can’t have an item# 0.

So might have to change it to some kind of method whereby when day# = 0 search for item#1 data.

Instead of using item# current date/time (days +1) extract day

use item# current date/time: extract day +1

Hey @adamhholmes

I’ve tried to add the 1 before & came to this roadblock. Any advice?

1 . Current date/time
2. extract day
3. no option to add 1?

You’ll need to have the experimental parenthesis feature turned on in your app to be able to do it, so be sure to turn that on in your app settings first.

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