How to allow non-registered users to create transactions

Currently, a user (business or individuals) can create an account, sign in and create a request for a pick-up, by simply filling out a short form. I am trying to modify the process to allow a registered business user to create a request on behalf of their customers (who may not be registered users on the platform). That is, the business could fill out the request form and send a link to the customer to review/edit the information and add payment information (or just send the customer a link so that they can fill out the form).

What I did was to create a data type called “business customers”, to track those customers created by the business (who do not have an account on the app). The goal is to have the new customers linked to the business, since they are not registered users.

I also set the slog to the pickup request page so that when the customer clicks a link, it takes them to the page directly.

However, the issue I’m having is that when the customer clicks the link to the page to fill out the form, it does not link them to the business…so when they try to create a transaction, Bubble tells them that they need to log in and enter an email to complete the transaction. That defeats the purpose because I’d like to set the business as the owner of the request (since they already have an account), and the customer should just be created in the database as a “business customer” linked to the request.

I’ll appreciate any help on this issue.

Add one more data type in Business Customer - User - When the URL sent to unregistered customer, send it with Unique ID of the user.
I think this might solve the problem.

I did it:

And this is the workflow, to create the transaction (valet):

I still get the error message that says “sorry, you need to be logged in…”

Happy to connect to resolve this !!

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