How to allow user to create multiple 'things'?

Hi, I’m struggling to work through this. I think there is a really easy solution and I’m just too close to it to see it.

This example isn’t the exact thing I’m trying to do but it’s a simplified version so I don’t have 8 paragraphs of context.

Admin creates a ‘Course’. Each Course has multiple ‘Lessons’. Each lesson has a unique ‘checklist’, and list of ‘Response Blocks’.

There will be multiple different courses each with unique lessons, checklists, and response blocks of course.

Here’s the tricky part… at least in my head, is that users will be able to deploy more than 1 of the same course in their account, so they can go through it again with a fresh list of responses and unique checklists. Almost like if they were completing the course for different clients, or business ideas.

How would I go about structuring the data in a way that the user can have multiple instances of that 1 course made up of different connected data types?

Here’s the only way I can figure it out, but I’m not sure if its the best way.
It’s pretty easy to do by having a page for each type of course that uses groups or Reusable Elements to hide/show each lesson, and the content for each lesson is built into the page instead of it being displayed dynamically. Then I have a Data Type that only needs to store the Lesson as a boolean filed or y/n to track completions. Each checklist could be stored using a list of options in an option set. And the Response Blocks would be a list of Data Type Response Blocks.

This way, when a user wants to deploy another instance of a course, all I have to do is run a workflow that creates another ‘Course Type 2’ for example.

Here’s how that would look:

Is this the best way to move forward or is there something I’m missing?

Sounds like you’re just looking for a way to create multiple things at one time right?

  1. Create a backend workflow that creates the thing
  2. On your page, create an event that has the action: Schedule an API Workflow on a List of Things
  3. Select the backend workflow you created in step 1 and set the list of things to the amount of courses you need to create


Thanks! I think I have it figured out now from a database side.

Do you know how I should go about creating a new ‘Course’ for a user?

So I would need to run a workflow that creates a new thing in that data type. But then I’d also have to create a new lesson, and a checklist to go with that lesson, then do that entire process for as many lessons as are in the course.

Is there a best practice to do this without making a workflow thats 100 steps long?

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