How to allow users to edit and delete uploaded files?

I’m making a file storage system in Bubble and want to include a way for users to rename and delete their uploaded files through a popup system. The user can see their uploaded files through a repeating group with the data source linked to a data type that holds each user’s uploaded files (for privacy and user security), click on the “edit” button, and rename or delete the file in the resulting popup. The system properly saves and displays the files, but the repeating group isn’t automatically updating to reflect the new names or to remove the file name from the list. Has anyone created anything similar, and if so, how? I don’t have any plugins installed if that’s relevant or helpful!

Hi Victoria!

The key to a system like this is to create a custom data type called “Uploaded File” that will have two fields: File (file) and Name (text).

Then, your repeating group can reference a list of “Uploaded Files” rather than just a list of files (the built in type.)

If your repeating group is set to just be a list of files (the built in type), then you won’t see names reflected in the list.