How to Allow Users to Implement Google Analytics or Google Adsense on Pages they make on my app

Almost all of the content here about Google Analytics or Google Adsense is for the app creator to implement it on the app for themselves. However, I want to allow my app’s users to add their own Google Analytics tracking codes or Google AdSense ad unit codes to pages of content that they create on my app. So that a user can make money with ads on content that they create on my app and track how viewers are interacting with that content and what they are clicking on.

I don’t even want to bring the analytics data back into the app. As long as users can view the data in their own Google Analytics accounts, that is fine.

Is there any clear guide on how to do this? From some of the posts on this forum I get the feeling that it is possible, but I can’t find a clear step-by-step guide. I would pay for such a guide.

I think it might be something that would require an API…maybe post in the “Freelancer” section for Google Adsense API integration with this description…might be a spot to get some paid help.

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This plugin solves this Google Analytics 4 Single Page Apps Plugin | Bubble - deals with multiple GA measurement ids.

Actually, @keyhanimo and I collaborated to make this plugin. Shameless sell promotion but posting in here in case anyone else has the same problem to solve.