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How to "anchor" a user in the app?

Hello Community,

I need the wisdom of the crowd. I am using bubble to build a platform that hosts to digital business navigators … think of it as digital, intuitive consultancy that leads Start ups through the steps of creating a business.
This means that the user will come a multiple times into the platform and use different pages of the app depending on the steps they follow in a given moment.
My question is the following - how can I “anchor” the user in the app so that when they close the browser and come back to it a few days later, they end up on the same page where they left off.
Any ideas if this feature exists or do you know who could build this for me?
Many thanks in advance!

Hi, welcome to the community!

The best way to achieve this is to create a field on the User data type called ‘Onboarding Stage’ (or whatever you want it to be called.)

Then, you can set this field to be the stage at which they are at in the business creation process, for example ‘Step 1’.

Now you’ve saved it to the user, the next time that user signs in or goes to your app you can have a redirect which takes them back to that page or shows that particular group from where they left off.

I’ve done this many many times for onboarding/account setup when I build apps and it works great. Usually I use a number, and have a group that shows depending on the user’s onboarding stage number.

Does that make sense?


I think it does…I will try it and if I fail at least I know that it can be done so once I am ready to launch the app, I will hire someone to polish the application for me with the features that make it user friendly.
Btw. do you know of Bubble experts who provide a service like this? Instead of building an app, they consult once the app is ready and make updates/changes etc? In the accounting you can buy software and books on your own (provided it is a small operations) and just have an accountant check it once before the taxes are filed.

THANKS MUCH for your help!

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Yes - I do exactly that for my clients :slight_smile: I’ll drop you a pm to explore options.

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Plenty of knowledgeable folks here. :grinning:

There is an area called freelancers in this forum where you can place a post describing your needs

You could also look for a coach here Coaching | Bubble

Or as you browse around in the forum you can also approach folks that you deem they could help you and schedule paid time for coaching as well

Best of luck with your project!

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