How to apply a reusable element signup/login that has been edited?

Hello, can someone help me out on how to add further fields to the registration form (e.g. street, number, interests)?

I know how to edit the reusable element signup / login, but not how to apply it on the actual web app

Thank you in advance

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘apply it on the actual app’?.. Are you talking about deploying to your ‘live version’?

If you make changes to an element, it will automatically apply to the app (that is, to the dev version… if you’re talking about ‘applying’ it to the ‘live’ version, you’ll have to deploy to live…)…

Thank you for the response. I am talking about the dev version.
I edited the reusable element:

I made sure that the elements are visible on the loading page:

and I also made sure that the workflow is used correctly:

However, it is still showing me only two fields:
for the sign up:


Do you know how can I make the other fields visible on the signup/login page ?

Are the inputs inside parent groups? (it looks like they are) …

If they are you need to make them visible on page load.

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