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How to apply typewriter text effect on multiline editor?

yes everytime I click in the multiline after generating text instead of me able to click on the multiline
instead all the text gets higlighted and I control the cursor. Maybe its something on the code? Will u be able to tweak it?

I’ve been learning bubble to implement this AI text generation app for my own use. I really like the typewriter effect to make it look cooler lol

Hi bud, just a little question

@jared.gibb Hello! Does this work on Bubble’s rich text editor?

My use case is this: I want to append some text to the editor, and make it appear using the typewriter effect.

Is this even remotely doable? Thanks man

Hey @jayy, thanks for reaching out!
I think at this time there is no way to push the text into the rich text editor unfortunately. you can definitely use the multiline editor, but obviously it’s not the same.

i actually really like the rich text editor as it lets me do spell check and use my Grammarly plugin! :rofl:

i have updated this action. in the workflow to initialize the typewriter text, you will need to update the plug-in and refresh your browser to see the change

can you tell me more about how you would use this element in this way. the purpose of having it in the design screen is to be able to ‘hook’ the element with dynamic data inputs. is that what you’re trying to accomplish?

if you describe this a bit more I may be able to implement something for you!

@jared.gibb currently this is how I push text into the RTE:

A state called Current Content is set to the content in the RTE.

Then I created a workflow to append new text to the state.

The only thing that I wanna do here is to animate the new text with the typewriter effect, instead of appearing all at once.

Do you think that’s doable? Happy to sponsor if it is!