How to ascertain whether tracking codes have been installed on external websites

I have a use case in which I have to ensure that each of a set of external websites (each owned and operated by the different people) has a unique tracking code installed. My own application is created using Bubble. Therefore, I suppose I am looking for some kind of analytics plugin. Not Google Analytics, but something similar, where the data about tracking code installation or lack thereof comes directly to me rather than going to Google.

Alternatively, I don’t mind crawling the external websites to check if they have the tracking code installed. I guess then the question becomes: How do I generate a random code on Bubble and where/how should I ask them to install it?

This whole exercise is just to verify that I’m dealing with the website’s owner.

Thanks in advance.

Just a thought, this might be easier. Rather than getting them to add a tag to their site. Why don’t you ask them to install a Txt record in their DNS with a unique number in and then check for that with one of the many DNS APIs (like this one Lookup DNS records of any domain - Geekflare APIs)

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of this. Will look into it.

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