How to assign list of items to a category?


I have a list of categories and a list of icons.

Each icons has a category, but i need to assign each icons to his category.

How can i do this process in one time and avoid assigning each icons to his category manually ?


Are these lists already in your database or an excel file?

If in the database are they data types or option sets?

If it is in the database and they are data types you can easily create a workflow to make changes to a category and in the value for icon list do a search for icons and constrain by the category. You can ‘loop’ through the entire list of categories by adding a repeating group of a single entry (1 column 1 row) and do a workflow ‘do every 5 seconds’ and in the workflow make the changes to the repeating groups category and the next step use the show next of the repeating group and put a conditional to stop when the last category has been done.

Various other ways too if on a paid plan set up a backend workflow on a list

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