How to assign survey score to result

Hello everyone,
I have set up a survey that results in a score (number value). Depending on the score, 1 of 5 results should display. 0–17 “geen angst” 18–28 “mild angst” 29–39 “gematigde angst” 40–50 “hevige angst” and 50–60 “extreme angst”.
After finishing the survey, a new group should appear displaying the results: score, title, and subtitle.

Some help would be appreciated.

Hi there, @jerrel… if I was doing what you described, I would likely use an option set to define the survey result options, and the option set would probably look like this.

Notice that the option set has attributes for max score, min score, subtitle, and title, and you would click the Modify attributes link next to each option’s display in order to enter the attributes for the associated option. (Quick aside… I don’t know if “violent” is a direct translation for “hevige,” but if it is, I think violent angst sounds much worse than extreme angst… just sayin’.)

With the option set in place and a total score being stored in a Survey data type, the group that displays the survey results simply needs to have its data source get the correct option from the option set based on the survey’s total score. You would do that by using the Get an option operator and configuring it something like this.

Note that for the example, I just set the page’s content to Survey, and I am assuming the correct survey has been sent to the page.

Finally, a handful of text elements in the group that are set up as follows would do the trick of displaying the results in the group.


Anyway, there are a number of ways you could go, and what I described above is one of them… hope it helps.


Hi mikeloc,
Thank you so much for this. I tried it out, and it works like a charm.
Much appreciated!


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