How to Authorize action after you click and element before work flow start

hello all,

I am trying to figure our how I can simply authorize actions of people to avoid simple mistake can occur by users.

Simply, when a user clicks on element which will trigger some actions in work flow, I wan to simply ask them " Are you sure? " and give them “Yes” or “No” options make sure they didn’t click this element by accident.

Similar What your windows computer does when you click on some buttons then you have to confirm this decision making.

Thanks in advanced .


This is simpler than you’re likely making it. On your first “Delete” button, instead of actually deleting the thing, you would show a popup that has the “Are you sure” text, and the “yes” and “no” buttons. The actual delete workflow is attached to the yes button.

I have tried that method but because it is a pop up you cant add all workflows related to page some elements are not shown there, that is why I am looking for some other method

You can still reference everything on the page. I do this everywhere in all my apps, and have not encountered the limitations you’re describing here.

In this instance, make sure to use a popup that is created on the page, rather than a reusable element popup.

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I was using a re-usable element pop-up that can be the case I assume, I will give a try with an element that I created with in the page.

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