How to Automatically Detect Missed Check-ins and Display a Message to Users?

Hi everyone,
I need help with implementing a feature in to automatically detect missed check-ins and display a message to users in our application, … Here’s a detailed description of what I’m trying to achieve:
About Our Application:
It is a time management and tracking application designed to help users efficiently manage their work hours. Users log their clock-in and clock-out times, which are stored in our database.
Database Structure:

Timesheet: Contains fields user, clock_in, clock_out.

  1. Feature Description:

• If a user does not check in by a specific time (e.g., 12:00 PM), the system should create a record indicating a missed check-in.

• The next time the user logs in, a message should be displayed saying “You missed to check-in on [Date].”

• This process should repeat daily.

Create another table called missed_clock_in, then create a scheduled workflow to run at a specific time, e.g., 12:00 pm. The workflow will search for users in the Timesheet table where the count of clock_in is 0, and it will add a record to the missed_clock_in table for each user. Therefore, when user logs in, check if the user exist in missed_clock_in table, if it does then show the message.

It’s difficult to explain if you don’t have enough knowledge in backend workflows, if you want you can provide your bubble app editor and I will try to help you