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Hi Folks

Struggling with the concept and implementation of how to progress with my system. I have searched for a long time and although Bubble excels at various things it is also a bit behind in others.

Anyhow due to Covid i am needing to move away from excel based systems and make them into online apps. I am not a developer so with limited experience i have managed to get a few things done, but can’t fathom this one out.

So we have a lot of hardware products to sell - say 2000+, These products are put into categories, so for example we have Bricks and blocks, Decorating etc.

Our end user doesn’t have the time to go through each line to make an order, so we list each category and the user ticks if they want that category. (There is a further lot of questions per category to whittle things down more but for this stage lets say they select Decorating only)

So user has selected decorating, this returns all the products in that area, lets say 10 items.

The user then can change/input the qty they require per product

I then need to store these items as an order (Allocations), so we can run pick lists and get the order out.

How do i manage to get this done? What is the most efficient way?

My base logic here is:
User selects category > Retrieve products from category(list) > make changes to list of products > Save changes (Either in the products table or in a separate table).

I am going round in circles, tried looking at backend workflows to move data from Products table to a order table, tried looking at exporting a csv to make changes and then re upload csv (Can’t be done due to bubble limits).

Any input would be really appreciated, this sort of workflow is key to our system.


Hey @simonperks81 :wave:

I can see why you could struggle with this. It’s not an quick thing to implement. Let me see if I can help a bit.

It seems like you are looking to make a sort of shopping cart? So they can check out and then you can see which items they ordered and send it to them? Am I understanding this correctly?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hi J805

yeah it is a sort of shopping cart, usually for a shopping cart you would select one item at a time and then “add to basket”.

With this approach i need them to be able to select the category - generate the list of items for the shopping cart (Not saved at this point) - user reviews said items and then clicks one button to add them all to the basket (place order).

A more detailed example - Good old Doris logs on and wants to order some Fruit.
Doris selects Fruit from a category checkbox which brings back 3 items (Apples, Oranges and Pears) - all of these have a default qty of 1 in the table.
Doris doesn’t touch Apples and Oranges (She wants 1 of them so all ok), but changes Pears to 8
Doris clicks the place order button and order is complete (End of workflow)

In theory there will be 100’s of items in the list, but hopefully this gives an example of what i am trying to achieve


I have done a quick view of the scenario on the link below

Looking at our excel model, the logic is to allow user to select, when the “place order” it basically creates a individual record for each product selected into a separate table

(We then use this data for someone to go Pick the order and tick each item as it is picked)

The main problem i suppose is how to take the data in the repeating group and “create” a new thing, i am trying the back end work flow to loop through the table and create new thing. This is not working though as the repeating group is a table and i can’t get the unique id to populate on the workflow

I am going to try to take a look at this next week for you, I am just getting super booked with appointments right now so I have to try to squeeze it in when I get some time. I will keep you on my list to help asap. :blush:

Hey @simonperks81 :wave:

There are a variety of ways to do this… here is one idea.

If you already have the backend workflow setup to do what you want, then I would try this way…

So, what I would try first is sending the data to the backend workflow that you have set up. But instead of Schedule API Workflow you can do Schedule API Workflow on a list instead. Then you can send each item to the backend if that is how you have it set up.

Let me know if that helps you in the right direction, or if you have another way you are trying to go.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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