How to best represent recurring meetings in the database?

I need to store recurring meetings/events in the Bubble database and have them appear in chronological order interspersed with other one-off or recurring events also to the user. Given the limited functionality with no code, is there a way this can be achieved with Bubble?


  1. Meeting starts at 4pm and recurs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday forever.
  2. Meeting starts at 10am every Friday but ends after October 1, 2020.


  1. An ugly brute force approach would be to insert a duplicate entry in the database for all future events. Not a great solution.

  2. Maybe it’s possible to run a daily scheduled task that searches the db for recurring meetings that should occur “tomorrow” and add a duplicate entry for tomorrow. This is ugly because it clutters up the database like #1 and doesn’t show future occurrences of the meeting in the future beyond tomorrow.

  3. Best approach is some kind of “view” that automatically fills in the search results based on active recurring meetings.